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The Rise of China’s Second-Hand Car Market

By the end of 2015, the Chinese owned approximately 172 million cars, and the country maintained its position as the world’s largest car market for the seventh consecutive year. However, annual growth in the market for new cars has slowed significantly since 2011, while the market for used cars has gradually gathered momentum. [...]

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China’s Rich to Buy $218 Billion Worth of U.S. Real Estate by 2020

As China’s affluent continue to seek out ways to get their money out of China, U.S. real estate is seen as a stable investment that’s set to become even more attractive to Chinese buyers over the next five years. According to a new study by Asia Society and Rosen Consulting Group called [...]

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China Is Playing a $9 Trillion Game of Chicken With Savers

Like many individual investors in China, Yang Mo has no idea what’s in the wealth management products that make up a big chunk of her net worth. She says there’s really no point in finding out. Sure, WMPs invest in all kinds of risky assets, but the government would never let a big [...]

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Unique Triumph TR2 record

Unique Triumph TR2 record-breaker reappears on display at RAC Club A unique piece of Triumph history has gone on display at the RAC Club in Pall Mall, London, this week. There aren't many bits of early Triumph TR history left. Of the genesis of the Standard Triumph range of sports cars, from TRs to Spitfires, [...]

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McLaren celebrates James Hunt

James Hunt was a successful in life, both in Formula 1 and in his leisure time! McLaren celebrates his victory in Formula 1 40 years ago, with this crazy movie!

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UBS Invests Big in Blockchain

Global investment bank UBS is throwing its resources behind the blockchain's transformative potential, investigating a range of applications such as smart bonds, cross border payment transactions on the distributed ledger and a digital representation of physical currency. In 2015 the bank opened an innovation lab designed to explore how the blockchain could be used by [...]

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Worlds largest classic car restorer

Where in the world can you find more than 200 people working in one classic car restoration complex – with vast hangar-like halls for bodywork, for Jaguar, for Rolls-Royce and Mercedes, for future projects and more? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/classic/inside-the-worlds-largest-classic-car-restorer/

In pictures: The cat in the barn

Beyond its historic value, the unexpected discovery of a lost treasure, be it a Caravaggio in an attic in France or the bones of a king in a car park in Leicester, spurs a special kind of excitement. These moments reinforce the persistent belief that anyone, anywhere, can push a spade into the ground or [...]

Passion investing’ in classic cars is gaining speed

So-called passion investing — allocating wealth toward high-value collectibles — has been around for about 10 years and is now expanding into the classic car arena. Classic cars are gaining attention due to their nearly 500 percent returns over the past decade, outpacing art and wine by more than 100 percent, as reported by the [...]

What to Know Before You Invest in That Classic Car

This past Friday at the RM Sotheby’s auction, a 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540 K Special Roadster shattered Arizona records when it sold for just under ten million dollars. Many of those following the action were disappointed - the car had been previously evaluated at ten to thirteen million.   It’s figures like these that tempt investors [...]