Unique Triumph TR2 record-breaker reappears on display at RAC Club

A unique piece of Triumph history has gone on display at the RAC Club in Pall Mall, London, this week.

There aren’t many bits of early Triumph TR history left. Of the genesis of the Standard Triumph range of sports cars, from TRs to Spitfires, Stags and GT6s, we have little to point at and say, “That’s the start of it all”‘

Some of the rally and racing cars exist, but of the 1952 20 TS (later known as TR1) prototypes – most historians now concede that there were two – with their horrible flexible chassis and slug-like Vanguard engines, there has been no sign. It wouldn’t have been surprising if they’d been consigned to the scrap bin after the press moaned about terrible handling and Ken Richardson, BRM’s experienced test driver, described the car as “bloody awful”.


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